We are a group of long-time Jackson locals with a relentless passion for creating more efficient ways to help preserve the health and vitality of our environment.

Terra Firma Organics

We are fueled by curiosity and creativity, and are always in pursuit of processes that maintain the sustainability of our land, water and air.

We are an organic waste management company, which means we turn unwanted yard waste, brush, dirt, sod, weeds and grass into premium compost, mulch and topsoil, which are a higher quality and a lower price than you can find anywhere else.

We are pioneers harnessing new ways to recycle unwanted organic waste through initiatives such as utilizing discarded lumber as an energy source for local business.

We work with private and government agencies to customize sustainable waste solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and innovative.

We help our city, our county, our businesses and our fellow citizens to be a force for change by creating a full circle of resource management.

We utilize the latest technologies to generate new ways to capture value from organic waste including generating renewable energy and producing high value, local products.

We save a lot of space in our local landfills, reducing the amount of organic waste by more than 57,000 tons since 2006, which will help prevent the costly clean up of landfills in the future.

DaneBukDane Buk

Dane Buk, founder, owner, head inspiration and worker bee, came to Jackson 17 years ago to “live the dream.” Launching his landscape design firm, Terra Firma Landscape, in 1998, Buk quickly realized how challenging it was to grow in the region’s alpine soil and decided to find a solution.

His curiosity came by birthright—dad is an agriculturalist—and naturally led Buk into the complex world of soil science. After spending years perfecting the right kind of blends, composts and mulches for his clients, Buk founded Terra Firma Organics.

Today, Buk combines his 17 years of industry experience and his passion for innovation to harness the power of the region’s organic waste. “Producing our product locally not only allows us to keep our business dollars here, we are able to create something that is very customized for the needs of the Jackson landscape and also has a positive impact on the community.”

When not pulling his weight knee deep in compost, Buk spends time sailing his boat and enjoying the mountains to the fullest.

ShayneHansenShane Hansen

A true Jackson-native, Shane was born and raised in and among the mountains. A former member of the US Ski Team, this Terra Firma Organics dirt-mover/manager/deal maker is the eyes, ears, and brawn of the business. His deep community roots (no pun intended) and true love of the outdoors makes Shayne an essential part of Terra Firma’s operations, because he understands the unique needs of our community, has an intimate knowledge of the land and soils, and works with businesses throughout the valley to design specific solutions for their needs.

Days off are spent playing hockey, riding a dirt bike, and spending time with his gorgeous wife and three children enjoying all that life in the mountains offers.

PennyMcBridePenny McBride

Having lived in Wyoming for the better part of two decades, Penny McBride is Terra Firma’s go-to, do-everything powerhouse. After receiving her degree in Political Science and Sociology at Colorado State University and MA in Environment and Community at Antioch University, McBride moved to Jackson to enjoy all of the activities that make life worth living in a mountain town. When Terra Firma came knocking, McBride saw it as an opportunity to create solutions that were beneficial not only for the environment, but also for the community.

“Supporting local businesses is more than just about keeping dollars in the community, it’s also reduces environmental impact by reducing trucking and transportation costs, and also sustains local innovation and collaboration.” When not pushing papers at Terra Firma’s headquarters, McBride divides her time between keeping up with her husband’s travel schedule and chasing after “the best son ever.”


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