Terra Firma Organics takes Jackson Hole’s organic waste—trees, shrubs, lawn clippings, branches—and makes it into products that help your lawn and garden thrive. This method of recycling keeps thousands of pounds of waste out of our local landfills and turns it into something that improves the region’s soil, air, and water quality. That’s what we call a “win/win” for everyone.

We make…

Pure Element Compost

A superhero blend of locally recycled organic waste that will make your garden, lawn and landscape the envy of your neighborhood. Learn more >

Shablasm Mulch

Mulch for your garden and landscaping proudly made from 100% locally sourced wood that we save from the landfill graveyard. Learn more >

O Horizon Topsoil

A custom blend of our premium humus enriched compost and topsoil is the perfect blend of organic matter for your plants to grow. O Horizon is third party tested for correct nutrient content and herbicides. Learn more >


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Pure Element Compost

Thoroughly blend our compost into existing soils to the intended plant root depth. To increase organic matter, increase water holding capacity and infiltration while promoting a diverse microbe community, which helps feed plants naturally. Large or Small Bags/Bulk

Shablasm Mulch

Ground Cover Increase water holding capacity, cools soils, insulate plants over the winter, and creates a natural weed barrier. Large or Small Bags/Bulk

O Horizon Topsoil

Lawn, Garden and General Construction To create a premium growing medium and to ensure healthy plant development with critical water holding capacity. Large or Small Bags/Bulk

Pure Element Compost Terra Firma Organics

Pure Element Compost

Terra Firma Pure Element Compost is a special blend of locally recycled organic waste—trees, shrubs, branches, lawn clippings—that we source from all over the Jackson Hole region.

Our compost is put through a rigorous two-year process that combines the right temperature, moisture, oxygen and carbon levels with a variety of healthy microorganisms, which break down the material into a dark, nutrient-rich soil.

So what is the difference between our compost and the leading brands? 

Our composting process has been rigorously tested over 35,000 yards of product since 2006. It’s a highly controlled, scientific method that uses aeration, temperature control, curing and screening. That means our compost has a whole lot of nutrients that make your plants grow big, tall and strong.

The other guys compost is usually only a few months old, which means the matter hasn’t broken down enough to provide the right kind of nutrients. This kind of compost can actually hurt your soil more than it helps.

The result?

Our Pure Element Compost creates an ideal growing environment for your gardens, lawns and landscapes by supplying a diverse community of microorganisms that feed your plants naturally. It also helps your soil retain water up to 50% more water than traditional soils, which is important for plant growth in the high alpine environment.

Shablasm Mulch

Shablasm Mulch

Our Shablasm Mulch is proudly made from 100% locally recycled branches, logs and trees. We get our material from local landscapers, beetle killed trees from local forests, and homeowners who participate in local composting efforts. We help save up to 4,000 tons of waste from the Jackson Hole landfill each year.

To make Shablasm, we use our 4600 XL MOrbark grinder to process wood into chips, which are then aged and broken down into mulch that provides a great background of color, texture and sustenance for your landscape.

If you are looking to add a little kick of color, we use environmentally friendly colorants, rather than the fake chemical dyes you see in leading brands.

Why Mulch?

Mulch helps suppress weed growth, limits competition for necessary nutrients and moisture, provides an insulating layer for roots from extreme high and low temperature, and helps control erosion—something all of our mountain gardens need.

Mulch also provides an ideal environment for worms, which tunnel through the soil bringing much needed oxygen and nutrients to plant roots.

Terra Firma Topsoil

O Horizon Topsoil

Terra Firma Organics custom blends our O Horizon Topsoil to create the perfect growing conditions for your high alpine lawn, garden and landscape.

The soils in this region are naturally low in organic matter and high in pH, which means it’s important to add compost to increase organic matter, microbe biodiversity and reduce pH. This frees up nutrient availability in soils. Soils blended by Terra Firma are all tested through accredited labs to ensure the perfect blend to meet your growing needs.

Our proven formula is ideal for a variety of uses including low spots in lawns, flowers gardens, planters, vegetable gardens, and anywhere else your landscape needs a little extra love.

Reasons why ours is a little different from the rest:

  • We screen our materials to remove as many rocks as possible. Where there is a rock there won’t be a root.
  • Most of Jackson sits on top of moraine cobble, which provides limited amounts of growing medium, Terra Firma’s topsoils can deliver that extra something special to help deliver a thriving growing environment.
  • Typically soils in Jackson are subsoils and contain no to little organic matter, most of our competitors simply screen subsoils and sell it as topsoil. Terra Firma tests our soils through an analysis from accredited labs. From there we blend in the needed amounts of organics to make a complete topsoil.

Basically, you get the best topsoil you can find made right here in Jackson Hole.