We save thousands of tons of organic waste from the Jackson Hole landfill every year.
We turn that waste into innovative products that help improve the environment.
We are bringing the latest technology, research and recycling practices so we can continue to make Teton County the leading recycler in the state.

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What We’ve Done

In 2008 Terra Firma was awarded a grant from 1% for the Tetons and the Teton Conservation District to conduct a Food Waste Diversion Feasibility Study. This project was recognized as the Recycling Program of the year at the Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Assocation conference in August 2008.

Since then, we have saved Teton County 57,785.21 tons of organic landfill waste.

What We Do

Terra Firma Organics is the largest recycler of organic waste in Jackson Hole. Our recycling facilities take in more 8,000 tons of waste each year and turn it into premium landscaping materials—compost, mulch, topsoil, pavers, boulders, and more.

Today, our reach extends well beyond residential landscaping waste recycling and landscaping products. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide products and sustainable waste solutions that play a critical role in the construction and commercial development industry including:

  • Low-impact soil solutions that help with erosion control and remediation. Compost slow water flow through the soils so plants can become established properly
  • High quality engineered topsoils that play a critical role in building projects throughout the region.


What We Will Do

In 2017, the town of Jackson plans to start a food waste recycling program, aimed at keeping roughly 8,000 tons of food waste from reaching our landfill each year and turning it into compost that can be turned into nutrient rich soil.

Terra Firma not only has the plan and resources to move forward with this project, we also have the dedication and experience necessary to handle a project of this size and importance.

LoopGraphic3How We Do It

Our Technology

We invest in advanced technologies to keep our business on the cutting edge. Our systems are used by the leading organic waste recycling programs in the world, and we constantly seek out new partners and new ways to do our job better, faster and more efficiently than the rest.

Our Equipment
Terra Firma has one of the largest wood grinders in the inter mountain region. This machine is utilized on large and small projects throughout Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana due to its speed and efficiency.